Best ad blocker android : How to adblock android no root [2019]


Best ad blocker android


This article about how to adblock android no root in all of your android app without root using best ad blocker android


Now a days we see different app to popped up recently let you block ads without root by using


Android vpn system they actually work well but adblock android no root have some downsides for one


Most of these aren’t free and couple or closed source which means that you really don’t know


What they’re doing with your data from blocking ads but the biggest downside is how they


Work to put it simply they basically scan all of your data traffic and filter out any ads that are coming through


Which has a big impact on battery life nothing terrible but it my experience.


I have noticed an extra 5 to 10 percent drain on a single charge well a new app will change all of things.


It still blocks ads using the vpn system but it does this on the dns level that means only the


initial dns requests are filtered which is better for privacy and great for battery life.


This app completely free but it’s open so there’s no potential for any shady activity the only requirements here.


Are that you’re running android lollipop or higher and you have enabled unknown sources and setting follow down below image.


This article about how to adblock android no root in all of your android app without root using best ad blocker android.Block all ads no root


We will be using for this article is named DNS66 which is best adblocker for android


How to adBlock android no root

Download DNS66 : Click here to download


Best adblock for android


Download this app and install once that’s finished go ahead and open the app and read through

The initial setup guide but when you make it to this main menu you need to head to the domain filters

Tab these are ads blocking hosts files that you can apply and even select as many as you want


Best adblock for android


If you want to enable any of them just have to circle next to it and when a screen is turned on once


You’ve done that head back to the main start stop tab then set the refresh button at the top of the screen this will instantly


Launch a download for the hosts files you chose so wait until that notification goes away to know it’s finished


Best adblock for android


Just click start button


Best adblock for android


Press ok on the pop-up then you will be set to go from now


Best adblock for android


On you will see a key icon in your status bar indicating that a vpn active and that’s how you know ad blocking is enabled.



This is best  ad blocking system so not only does it work in your browser

But also block all of your app adsAndroid ad blocker no root this is best way

If you want to block your all ads.

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