Seo tips 2019: Actionable on page seo 2019

Introduction on page seo tips 2019


In this article will be going through SEO tips 2019 for beginners and I’ll be using


on page seo tips 2019 to optimize a wordpress website But let’s say if you’re using


Shopify or another content management system you can still use this guide but


you just have to follow the same principles and find out where you can


actually edit the on page SEO part for your website


Five step seo formula to rank on google!

  • Stage one I’m gonna be talking about understanding SEO
  • Two will be going through keyword research and also competition analysis
  • Three which is on page optimization
  • Four off page optimization
  • Five analysis


Finally I also give you some actionable tips and advice to also Boost your seo rankings right


so what can you actually use this seo guide.


If you can use this guide to optimize your own local website or a blog or e-commerce


website and convert them to sales or you can actually just use this seo guide for


educational purposes and maybe you can help clients you know optimize their


websites and charge monthly retainers it’s really up to you what users guide


for but this is a long article so maybe you know grab a coffee or something like that all right.


What is SEO?


Search engine optimization it basically means optimizing your website so it ranks on


these search engines for example on Google and Bing and other things like


that right so  you can actually get organic traffic to your website so


this is actually the best traffic source that you can get because people are


looking for exactly what you have to offer right so for example if you’re


doing paid advertising on Facebook ads.I’m not saying that it’s bad I’m just


Saying compared to that this is something that you really need to focus


on for your website or your business right because if you’re doing paid


advertising you’re only guessing what they want right you’re interrupting them


for example they’re watching TV and they re-scrolling through their Facebook


feed on their mobile during a advertisement on TV but they’re not really looking for a


service if that’s what you’re offering right there in the mindset of you know looking at what


their friends are doing and stuff like that right there not really looking for


service if you’re ranking on Google and your ranking for carpet cleaning in a


specific location people actually have that problem that wants to be solved


right so they’re people that people are actually looking for that solution and


they wanted urgently okay if you’re ranking there then you’re gonna have a


really good chance of converting those to sales and there are thousands and


thousands of people who are searching for exactly what you have to offer and


once you actually start ranking then you get consistent visitors to your website


for free and all you need to do is maintain that.


So I’m gonna explain a little bit about that.


how Google actually ranks your website?


The first thing they do the most basic thing is they scan your website so let’s look at this


website here Forbes travel guide




Okay so how they scan your website is they look at your pages content you know does it


actually have the keywords which the user is actually searching for so


Google’s job is to provide the most relevant answers to that users search query


whatever they’re searching for if they’re searching for this cost study is


ester beach resort I think that’s how you pronounce it okay then you better bet that keyword


should be on that page right so they actually look at the page source so if


you right click and view that page source they look at the code here and


whether or not you know the content is related to what the user is searching


for so that is the first step okay. Waiting For next Step. If you want to get notify.


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