WordPress blog plugins: Best wordpress plugins 2019


Introduction wordpress blog plugins


You have a wordpress website or blog or are you thinking of starting one here are 5 must have wordpress blog plugins that every website should have


All of these plugins are completely free and can help you get your website


More traffic more customers and more security from hackers and


Accidental crashes if you’re on the fence about starting a wordpress website


Read this article to see how powerful the wordpress platform.


Today i will be shareing 5 must have wordpress blog plugins for every


WordPress website or blog i love each and every one of these


Plugins and as a professional web developer they are the first things i


Download on every new wordpress install they are that great and the best


Part of all they are completely free to download and start using for those


Unfamiliar with plugins these are basically packages of code that you can


Add to your wordpress website to add functionality such as a contact from


Email signups etc. think of plugins like extensions to your website taking


WordPress from a simple blog to an actual traditional website.


A professional web developer they are the first things i download on every


New wordpress install they are that great and the best part of all they are


Completely free to download and start using for those unfamiliar with


Plugins these are basically packages of code that you can add to your


WordPress website to add functionality such as a contact from email


Signups etc. think of plugins like extensions to your website taking


WordPress from a simple blog to an actual traditional website.



How to install wordpress Plugin?

Install a new plugin simply goto plugins on your left sidebar then click add new from here you can search up the name of the plugin in the search bar and finally click install now.


No 1: ITheme Security


First plugin called ITheme Security which is best wordpress blog plugins.


I think that security should be the first priority for every website or blog no matter how big or


Small this plugin is going to make your wordpress site much more secure


Preventing hackers from breaking into your account and stealing


Confidential information or even worse deleting your website entirely


While itheme security does is add multiple layers of security such as


Blocking the ip addresses of any brute force hackers trying to log in to your


Admin account for example if someone tries to log into your account five


Times without success it will block their ip address from accessing the website.


WordPress platform is it can be quite vulnerable in stock


From once you add a plug in like ithemes security however then you add


Some much needed protection through multiple layers of security protocols trying in with the theme of security.


No 2: UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin


Second plugin allows you to backup your website and files


So in case anyting happens to your servers or if your website crashes you


Can restore it at the click of a button my preferred backup plugin of choice


Is called updraft plus another potential vulnerability of wordpress is that


It’s mostly an online platform what this means is that all the work and


Content and customization that you do is stored exclusively on a web server


Now the issue is and i have learned this the hard way is that sometimes


Servers crash and you can lose everything you work for don’t learn the hard


Way download updraft plus and schedule regular backups every week you


Can even link a free dropbox account so that you can backups automatically get sent your dropbox account.


No 3: Contact Form 7


Third plugin is a simple yet effective contact us plugin and


The Most popular one is contact form7 now i know it seems like common


Sense but everyone should have a contact us form or page on their website


So viewers or potential customers can reach you via email you can


Customize the form fields to ask for certain info such as name email phone


Numbers subject etc then you can implement this contact form on any page


By copying and pasting the short code onto a pages text box it’s that easy.


No 4: Automate Growth


Fourth plugin allows you to collect the email signups


Through various methords and it is my favorite plugin on this list the plugin


I am referring to is called SumoMe which is actually a bundle of plugins by


One company SumoMe is unique because it actually contains a suite of


Plugins you can activate on your website the main goal of SumoMe plugins


Is to collect visitor emails through various option forms such as list builder


And welcome mat list builder is your typical pop up email collector that


Creates a dialog box asking your visitor to sign up for updates welcome mat


Is more unique in that it adds a full screen pop-up that really captures your


Visitors attention building your email list is one of the most powerful


Marketing tools for capturing your customers and audience email gives you


A direct line to your customers so you can promote your products or


Services.SumoMe also integrates with all the top email marketing software


Such as mailchimp Aweber and much more there’s no better way to start collecting emails from day one then sumome.


No 5: Yoast SEO


Fifth and final plugin is called Yoast SEO for seo or search engine


Optimization the best seo plugin for wordpress is made by the company


Yoast.For those who are unfamiliar with seo the basic concept is that you


Can rank higher on the google search rankings by focusing on certain


Keywords and incorporating these keywords into your pages title


Description and content if you rank high enough you can receive massive


Amounts of organic traffic from people searching for that keyword yoast


Allows you to edit any pages meta title and description so you can focus on


Your keyword of choice Yoast also analyzes your entire page and provides


Very helpful suggestions on how to improve seo readability.



How about our 5 must have wordpress blog plugins i really hope you found this article useful and i think those best wordpress blog plugins you like.if you did please share and comment letting me know it really means a lot and helps my website to grow also make sure signup to get all the latest wordpress article.Thanks for reading.

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